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A World Heritage Office was established and the City is providing support for an annual World Heritage Festival which invites the community to engage with and better understand our heritage.In 2016, Restored By Light will be expanded to include the of the Missions Mission San Jose.In a 2016 report by https://www.myphotostash.com Conservation Associates titledLetter Report on Condition Assessment and Conservation Treatment Planning for the Historic Stucco on the Faades and Exterior Elevations of Mission San Jose and Mission Espada in San Antonio, Texas, the following observationsare made:”Decoration of the stucco included incised geometrical designs, painted in red, yellow, white, and blue/black paints.””the surviving paint fragments indicate that paints were applied al seco, to stucco that was allowed to dry before painting””The color palette and technique of combining incising and paint is also similar to Mission Concepcion, where oil based paints were mixed from pigments that included red and yellow ochres, charcoal black, and calcium carbonate.”Using this new evidence, and generally referencing the early documentation by Ernst Schuchard, preservation architects at Ford, Powell, and Carson Architects and Planners, Inc. Created the image that will be used for the projection at Mission San Jose.Computer rendering provided by Ford, Powell, and Carson Architects and Planners, Inc.Some modifications to the created image werenecessary in order to provide the best representation for what we see today. For instance, the south bell tower, which was reconstructed following it collapse in 1928, appears to have a slightly different dimensions than the Schuchard scaled drawings.Spectators view the debris of the bell tower that suddenly collapsed on March 9, 1928.

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