Are You Paying Online Through Credit Card/Debit Card? Think before you Save Details.

Credit Card/Debit Card Fraud

Online Credit/Debit card data breach incidents are in vogue now. The companies like Ola Cabs, Paytm, Uber, Zomato and TaxiForSure are mostly into providing cab services to customers, buying products online, are becoming soft targets of hackers. When you call for a cab service or buying something online, some E-commerce websites provide you the option to store Credit/Debit card details online for future transactions. As this sounds trustworthy and convenient, you store your card details on these websites.

But before doing so do you have any idea about what kind of data security are these E-commerce companies providing? Are they serious about securing you credit card details to mitigate the risk of data breaches? Are they following PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance to regulate and protect credit card databases? If the answer is YES, then why such data breach incidents are happening today? Recently OlaCabs,, Zomato databases has been hacked and hackers posted screenshots of database with customer information  on social media to inform the respective companies about loopholes in their data security. But still the companies are not responding to such alerts, they are not realizing the severity of the issues that they are facing.

Fraudsters are genius in exploiting these websites designed to store confidential credit card details. Attackers create same replica of Master Card or Visa Card websites that are very difficult to realize that they are genuine or fake. Attackers use this genuine lookalike websites to gather customer confidential info like ATM pin, Card number, password etc. In order to make sure that you are entering your card information in a genuine website a personal email confirmation can be set. Moreover lookout whether the site is using secure connection or not (https ://). Always use virtual keyboard to enter your password during online transaction to mitigate the risk from keyloggers.

So before storing your bank card details online be aware of security risk associated with it and try to implement security measures to protect yourself from threats like fraud and identity theft. Let’s hope the E-commerce companies will also take serious steps to protect credit card databases from data breach and make it far difficult to breach by making it PCI complaint.

As we know the famous phrase that ‘Money can’t buy you the happiness’ but having enough money will make your life comfortable and easier. So protect your money and secure your future.
By Pranav Jagtap- Team Stickman & Nevagi Cyber Forensic Investigation Services Pvt. Ltd

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