Details on it’s nature and power output are secret

In the Secret City, families are sorted into Great Houses by the type of magic energy which they use. Energy is provided by the Sources energy generating artifacts. By now, several Sources are publically known, and some exist in secret. These are such Great Houses and families: Great House Asur. Asur were the first sentient race created by the setting’s God and the first to arrive on Earth (nearly 200000 years ago). They preferred the power of light and were overthrown by the second species created, the Nav’, and founded the Secret City to hide in. They were later completely exterminated by Navs, although some Asuran artifacts remain. Known surviving Source The Spark of Eternity. Further knowledge on the Asur is held in secret by the Navs. Great House Nav’, the Dark Court. The extremely secretive Navs followed the Asura to Earth. Their magic prefers darkness. All known Navs appear as males of hispanic origin and mostly disguise themselves as descendants of spanish communists. All Navs are powerful MagicKnights and show no signs of age for millenia. Enraged Navs show minor uncontrolled shapeshifting their ears become pointed. Navs value their lives very highly, exhibiting Species Loyalty and Disproportionate Retribution for their kin. Nav is ruled by the Prince as an absolute monarch, aided by three Advisors and a Commissar (who is effectively the whole cabinet rolled into one person). Both the Prince and his Advisors forsake their names upon ascending to the office. Nav’s symbol is a black squirrel; the headquarters is called “Citadel” and their Source is only known as the Nav’s Source. Details on it’s nature and power output are secret.

Also, historically, smarter betrayers have always had two options open to them for avoiding this punishment. The first, if the betrayal was of a ruler, is to seize power as a de facto Klingon Promotion. Since some cultures consider this a legitimate method of succession, the new ruler will not be considered guilty of treason, though he may have to rule by fear to keep the former ruler’s supporters from taking their revenge on him. The other method, if the betrayer lacks the ambition or power to seize the throne and hold it, is not to wait for the axe to fall, but get the hell out of Dodge. Notably, the latter method is especially recommended to anyone who has helped another betrayer achieve the former method: the new ruler all too often gets a taste for backstabbing minions as well as superiors, is just as aware of this as his fellow conspirators, and will surely hate to be reminded that he owes his position to them.

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