Employee’s internal emails, chats revealed in Indian unit of MNC, identified Employee’s behind such mischief & MORE…

  • The Managing Director of the Company, who is an expat, received a mail containing transcripts of chat conversations among one of the Directors of the Company and a mid-level female Manager.
  • The chat conversations were personal in nature and pointed towards illicit affairs between the individuals and giving of special favors. The chat transcripts were from the official Microsoft Lync access that had been given to all employees in the Company.
  • S&N carried out Digital Forensic Investigation to find out the sender of the mail. Investigation was carried out adopting Best Practices applicable to Electronic Evidence Retrieval and Collection.
  • During the investigation S&N team located glaring violation of internet usage policies. Employees spent considerable amount of time in browsing, downloading, non-work related matters. Computers were found containing pornographic material which has been downloaded using company’s official network.
  • The investigation helped the Company to identify employees behind such mischief, so that the services of such employees could be terminated.

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