Everything continued to go smoothly

A commonly seen element of a climactic battle involving The Hero being encircled by a flaming ring. Much like a boxing ring or a gladiatorial arena with sealed exits, it is used to indicate that neither the Big Bad nor The Hero have the option of running away from the Final Battle, and the story will end with one of the two dead. Most frequently used by villains, especially Magnificent Bastards who want The Hero to be Deader Than Dead, but can occasionally be enacted by The Hero when the Big Bad has run away from similar confrontations in the past. Fridge Logic tends to come into play as soon as the viewer realizes that sending the flames directly under the feet of the hero is probably a better idea on the part of the villain, but let’s face it, it looks cool. The Ring of Fire is a great set up for a hero and villain to meet in a final confrontation, symbolic in that there is no escape from the fight and representative of the emotion of the scene. Expect it to be a part of the The Very Definitely Final Dungeon or any other situation where failure is not an option.

Formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 2006 from the ashes of Cryptic Warning, the initial lineup consisted of David Davidson (guitars, vocals), Anthony Buda (bass, vocals), and Phil Dubois Coyne (drums), the group released a three song demo that same year and quickly made a name for themselves in the Boston area, being a local favorite at bars and basement booze ups alike. They later went on to self release Empire of the Obscene, their first full length, in 2008; it launched to very positive reviews that, along with the subsequent self financed tour, were enough to attract the attention of Relapse, who promptly signed the band. Their drive further enhanced, they released their follow up, Existence Is Futile, in 2009. Everything continued to go smoothly, and the band added Dan Gargiulo (guitars, vocals) in 2010 in order to expand their options both in the studio and live. This slightly altered lineup would then go on to release Chaos of Forms in 2011. Things kept moving forward until sometime in 2012, when Anthony quit the band to pursue a musical career of his own; replacing him was Brett Bamberger of East of the Wall fame. This new lineup quickly released Teratogenesis, a free EP, in September 2012 through Scion A/V; as of the writing of this article http://jorgequadros.com.br/what-i-wore-oooh-i-havent-been-able-to-write-this-one-in-a/, they just started a two part US tour with A Life Once Lost and KEN mode for the first half, with the Faceless and The HAARP Machine taking over for the second leg. Not bad for a few boys from Boston (and Jersey, in Brett’s case).

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