Fraud Alert: Newer Ways to Pick your E-Pocket

We are well known with the phrase, “Every problem has a solution”, but hackers define it in their ways. They term it as, “If you have protected your systems we have a solutions to bypass its security measures”. Online payment is trending now a days also the number of online frauds. There are some techniques fraudsters are using to withdraw money fraudulently from user’s account.

  • Sticky keys technique:This technique is used by fraudsters in which they put a glue on keys like ‘Clear’, ’Cancel’, ’Enter’, so if you are inserting a card in ATM machine, the keys will not operate for obvious reason as they have put glue on the keys. The transaction gets stuck and the same cannot be canceled. The fraudster stand behind the user to shoulder surf and to obtain the PIN number. As soon as the person leaves fraudsters removes the glued key and withdraws money by entering PIN.

Sticky Keys
  • X-ray Film on card slot: This is similar to sticky keys. Here fraudster inserts a strip of X-ray film into card slot. The card gets stuck in the machine and hence the transaction doesn’t get completed. The fraudster then returns to pull it out by extracting the film.

X-ray Film on card slot
  • Mobile Fraud: Just as every business has a website, it is now trend of having mobile app for the same. As users are keen to download free apps, the fraudsters take advantage of this and make malicious/fake app and put it on play store. Fraudsters can use these apps to get personal info stored in your devices.
  • Vishing: This technique is used tolure the victims by calling him/her and request to provide info about credit/debit card by saying the card will get blocked if you do not provide the details.


By Pranav Jagtap(CEH) – Team  Stickman & Nevagi Cyber Forensic Investigation Services Pvt. Ltd.

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