HACK ME If You CAN!!, I am going the “Selfie Way”

Financial Service provider and online transaction giant ‘MasterCard’ is now trying to take selfie trend to another level by implementing it in payment card industry to authenticate credit card holders. Remembering password for your online credit card transactions is hectic nowadays. MasterCard has a solution for this. Forget password and click your picture or fingerprint now to authenticate your online purchases.

Firstly you have to download MasterCard phone app and check it out. It will ask you to stare at your phone and just blink at it. This app uses Face recognition or fingerprint technology to checkout your online transaction process which replaces current technology like secure code/OTP/typing password which can be intercepted by an attacker. ‘As selfie is in vogue nowadays this technology will be highly appreciated by young generation’ said by MasterCard security expert Ajay Bhalla. Your face will get detected only when you blink your eyes that’s because fraudsters can just hold your picture to make the transaction but blinking your eyes make sure that the picture is not stored and clicked buy an authorized person just now. This is next level protection to bypass the loopholes which take place by typing password to make online transactions.

MasterCard clears that this technique will not store your actual photo of your finger or face but instead it create a code that store on your device. Facial recognition technology will take a picture of you and convert it to 0’ and 1’s and transmit the set of binary over the internet to MasterCard.

As this information will get stored on MasterCard servers, company ensures that the data will be safe with them and no one can recover the image from binary set.

As this is a pilot project MasterCard will be testing this new technique on 500 customers and if everything works out properly the company make it available to everyone.
By Pranav Jagtap(CEH) – Team Stickman & Nevagi Cyber Forensic Investigation Services Pvt. Ltd.

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