How much pristiq can i take

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Started taking pristiq last week switching from effexor.

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Pristiq is effective in relieving symptoms of depression by managing the imbalance of these two chemicals.

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Because of this, when you inhibit effexor s metabolism, the blood levels of effexor rise but blood levels of pristiq decrease, with the net result being that nothing significant, either positive or negative, is likely to occur.

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Lol ive just been switched from the 75 mg efexxor xr s to pristiq,50mg ive been on them two weeks now i don t feel any different as yet apart from finding the other day i had a little bit of a temper and feeling agitated, that scared me a little as i haven t felt that for years.

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Pristiq might actually be good – the libido side effects of effexor are great for me now personally since i have such neck and back pain that i have no desire for romping in bed anyway, but most people seemed to say that pristiq is better in that respect.

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