Online Financial Transaction Manipulated and Siphoned

  • The Company was in touch with an American Company’s Agent in India to buy certain heavy machineries. The Company was informed through mail regarding the Bank Account to which the money was required to be transferred.
  • However, thereafter a mail from a similar looking id was sent to the Company informing the Company about a new Bank Account Number to which the money was required to be sent. Interestingly all details of the previous mail were the same except the Bank Account Number and the address of the Bank.
  • Innocuously the Accountant of the Company instructed its Bank to deposit money into the new Bank Account. However, the concerned American Company never received the payment.
  • carried out investigation and located traces of Remote Access Trojan (RAT). It appeared that, the computer of the Accountant was monitored by cyber criminals who were aware of the deal that was taking through and at appropriate moment the similar looking email id was created to confuse and trap the Company.
  • Unfortunately the cyber criminals were successful and siphoned off the money by fraudulently diverting money into false account created in UK. S&N team located that although firewall and antivirus where in place the same had not been configured to prevent external intrusion.

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