Information Security Services

As organizations expand, so does their need to collaborate and exchange information among various stakeholders such as customers, partners, employees, regulators and shareholders. Similarly e-Governance is high on the agenda for the Governments and they want to increasingly automate their environments for better internal productivity and widespread reach with the citizens.

There are many advantages of the use of IT and technology by the Enterprises and Government, however the flip side is increase in security threats, vulnerabilities, digital crimes and frauds which may involve perpetrators ranging from mischievous hackers to disgruntled employees to Cyber Criminals. As the need for automation and collaboration grows, information gets broadly distributed, threats to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of this information increase exponentially. All these unauthorised intrusions and security breaches can result into legal liabilities, revenue& reputation loss for the effected enterprise.

ANA CYBER FORENSIC PVT. LTD. help you identify your most imperative risks, evaluation of Information security measures, design frameworks to accomplish them and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of IT risk management through process and technology consulting support.



  • We provide a set of pre-emptive Compliances, assurances and security audit services that help assess the security of the IT infrastructure, technology and processes of your organization, a expedient, comprehensive, and cost-effective means of assessing your overall security posture in order to identify vulnerabilities and make well-informed remediation decisions to ensure that your defenses are effective against the rising tide of cybercrime.

  • These include assessment of security structural design, governance & approach, policy & procedures and technical vulnerability status. Our audit services are designed to provide valuable inputs to take your security posture to higher maturity.

  • Our audit services utilize global best practices and security standards to measure the current state. This is followed by customized recommendations for a long term improvements. Our certified auditors and security consultants work to design solutions to increase security measures in cost effective and process efficient manner.


  • This assessment process includes interviews with company personnel, reviewing and validating the current environment, policies and procedures to determine what requirements are in place and where remediation is required.

  • We provide Expert information security audit where gaps in the system of information protection measures are discovered using the experience of the experts taking part in the audit with a view to bridge these gaps for strengthening information security.


  • Vulnerabilities that may exist across the systems and applications can create an easy path for cyber attackers to gain access to and exploit your environment.

  • The general objective of a Vulnerability Assessment is to scan, investigate, analyze and report on the level of risk associated with any security vulnerabilities discovered on the public, internet-facing, internal computer systems, networking devices and to provide organization with appropriate mitigation strategies to address those discovered vulnerabilities.

  • The Vulnerability Assessment is assessment to identify gaps and vulnerabilities in network, helping to validate configuration and patch management, and identify steps that can be taken to improve information security.

  • Our experts run a scan on the entire network using automated as well manually operated tools to determine the existing vulnerabilities.

  • The identified vulnerabilities are verified against global lists of reported and potential zero-day vulnerabilities and their remedies.

  • If a remedy is not available publicly for a particular vulnerability, experts formulate a solution to treat the vulnerability.

  • A detailed report of the findings and solutions is presented to the client for further actions.

  • The assessment helps you meet your minimum compliance mandates and security assessment needs.


  • Penetration testing services help to test network security defenses and meet compliance with government or industry regulations and best practices.

  • A penetration test defines how well organization’s security policies protect assets by trying to gain access to network and information assets in the same way a hacker would.

  • This test simulates a network-based attack to test network security defenses, policies and practices, and provides the steps that can be taken to improve the security.

  • The security of important information systems is provided by unsurpassed testing.

  • Application or network security is tested by simulating a wide variety of tenacious and actual attack vectors that would be exploited by a malicious, knowledgeable hacker or user.

  • Our penetration testing uses both manual and automated testing developed from our years’ of experience and training in conjunction with Industry leading tools and access to support resources.

  • Our experts under applicable contract from the organization can pose as hackers and discover all such potentials to hack your network / web application, which exploit all weaknesses of network /web applications.

  • A comprehensive technical report is submitted to the top management in a protected format to maintain the highest promising confidentiality of discovered weaknesses. The top management can then selectiv


  • We prepare your organization for ISO 27001 compliance & certification, an audit, or simply to better implement the best practices defined by this standard, our compliance consultants will guide you through the necessary steps of the implementation.

  • ISO 27001 standard compliance services consist of determining how information and the associated systems are being protected, assessing the processes and policies in place.

  • The security audit is performed on the existing documentation regarding the design and implementation of the information security management system. Throughout the course of these meetings, the auditor, with the help of specialized tools, will collect information on each of the clauses of the ISO 27001 standard.

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