Suspicious Employees, running their own Business Racket in MNC Call Centre

  • Employees of the Call Center were involved in diverting money to be received by the Call Center for providing online trouble shooting services to foreign citizens into their personal PayPal and Western Union Money Transfer Accounts.
  • S&N carried out Digital Forensic Investigation by adopting Best Practices applicable to Electronic Evidence Retrieval and Collection.
  • S&N could retrieve and locate the modus operandi and the involved individuals in diverting of Company revenue.
  • In the process S&N also located several glaring mistakes and lack of appropriate controls regarding usage of computer facilities.
  • S&N also located lack of sufficient protection for safeguarding client data especially credit card data.
  • S&N suggested adoption of ISO 27001 towards ensuring Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures for Protection of Sensitive Personal Information and Data.

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