Users are Aware of Android Security Threats, But still NEGLECT Security Apps

While vast number of Android users are aware of security threats but still neglect to install security apps.

Users are Aware of Android Security Threats, But NEGLECT to Install Security Apps

A new survey said that Most of the android users are aware of android security threats but still neglect to install security apps which will protect them from severe identity theft. Also more than 90% users said that mobile security is ‘Very Important’.


Major Security concerns for Android mobile include Unauthorized Apps (34%); Permission Misuse by Developers (27%); Online Payments (24%); Hackers (9%) and others include Single sign-on, safety of   Wi-Fi connections and other miscellaneous threats.

These findings are alarming, and the users are not sure if they need a security app on their personal smartphone.

How to protect your smartphone devices against the latest security threats –

  • Lock your device – Protect your device’s physical security first by locking it with a strong password.
  • Scrutinize permission requests – Irrespective of the source of the app, always check the app’s list of requested permissions. If it asks for more permission than the job it’s required to do, never install the app.
  • Download only from Trusted Source – Make sure apps install from ‘Unknown Sources’ from the settings menu is unchecked. And as a thumb rule always consider downloading from the Google Play Store as it carefully verifies the software it distributes.
  • Use anti-virus apps – Antivirus software is designed to protect the user from malwares and new vulnerabilities. Make sure to download and install an Anti-virus of your choice from the Play Store.
  • Use anti-theft protection – Anti-theft protection gives the ability to remotely wipe the data on the device, and also helps in locating/ mapping your lost device.
  • Scan downloaded apps – Use the anti-virus app to regularly scan the apps installed in the device. Also perform regular full device scan on regular basis.
  • Encrypt your device – Encryption option is available in the Settings -> Encryption -> Encrypt phone. The phone will require PIN or password to decrypt your phone each time you power it on.


Security is a Necessity


First of all protect your smartphone with an Anti-virus of your choice. Second, when downloading or installing applications onto your smartphone, read the privacy policy and permission access of the application before you install it. And keep your device locked and encrypted.

By Sachit Bhatia(CEH) – Team Stickman & Nevagi Cyber Forensic Investigation Services Pvt. Ltd.

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