Your Car can be Hacked even from around 1500 miles away

Your car can be hacked and can be controlled from even 1500 miles away. Imagine, you are driving and suddenly you experience a brake failure in your car, the doors and windows gets locked and your car takes a u-turn and starts accelerating. This means a hacker sitting somewhere has hacked into your car and has a complete control over it.

Vehicle Hack

Today we rely on many new technologies in our car. Today you are actually driving a computer system with wheels and motors. Computer system in your car allows you to automate settings for important systems.

Are new technologies preventing you from cyber attacks?

Are these new technologies protected from cyber-attacks or privacy invasions?

Cyber-criminals can deliberately wreck your car functionality and can keep a track of your location. They can successfully take control over your car through internet-connected services like radio streaming or navigation. your car if connected by Bluetooth, cell networks, or Wi-Fi is also potentially vulnerable to cyber threats.

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By Aritra Roy – Team  Stickman & Nevagi Cyber Forensic Investigation Services Pvt. Ltd.

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